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Drainage Plans

Uncompahgre Engineering's owner - David Ballode - began his Professional Civil Engineering career working in road design, focusing on the hydrology and hydraulics of roadway drainage design.  Major clients were Caltrans and Contra Costa County in northern California. 


Uncompahgre Engineering uses the same concepts practiced in highway drainage design (now using CDOT requirements) and applies it at the County and Town levels in order to provide the best solution for your project.  It's important to design for the correct stormwater volumes so that your project is protected from flooding, yet not over-designed.  


Locally - and it's the case with many municipalities - the Towns of Telluride and Mountain Village have special stormwater regulations that require specific retention and detention of storm events.  Uncompahgre addressess all of the pertinent requirements to provide the most efficient design.  Additionally, Uncompahgre can produce Stormwater Management Plans as required by the State of Colorado.




























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