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Grading Plans

Uncompahgre Engineering has always focused on Earthwork and Grading. Having a background of almost 20 years in earthwork construction helps to understand the construction sequencing and the costs involved for a particular plan. Plans are designed to minimize earthwork, maximize views and space, and provide the best solution to fit the lay of the land.


Starting with the surveyor's topographic information, designs are coordinated with the appropriate public entities in order to streamline the approval process, whether at the Town, County, or State level.  Designs are produced in Autocad Civil 3D which allows for 3D modeling. This is essential in determining how to minimize site disturbance and construction costs.


Road design is of particular importance.  With Autocad Civil 3D, the required roadway template is dynamically linked with the horizontal and vertical alignments in order to determine the best alignment.  By approaching the design this way, multiple iterations of the design can be  performed  in the computer before finalizing the design that best works on the ground. 


Retaining walls may be required at times.  Boulder walls, MSE (Mechancially Stabilized Earth) walls, or reinforced concrete walls will be can all be designed depending on the requirements and Owner's preference.







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